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GUH. So for the past week or so one of my hard drives have been, what… - For what ever reason [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 20th, 2009|08:02 am]
[Current Mood |tired]

GUH. So for the past week or so one of my hard drives have been, what can be best described as, "knocking" when I start up my computer. When I heard it the first time my stomach flipped, two sets of 4 knocks. I got the error saying that it couldn't boot. Had to find my Vista DVD and run the boot repair util. Now when ever my computer is shut down or goes into hibernate the next time that it comes up it "knocks" with 2 sets of 6 and 1 set of 2 and I get the "computer wasn't shut down properly" startup screen. I'm thinking that it's my 80gig C:, but when i started up my computer this morning Vista wasn't able to connect to my 180gig D:. I sure hope it isn't my D: because its pretty much where I store all my shit that I want access to when the server isn't on and where I install all of my games. Running a disk check now on my D: and when that's done I'll be rebooting to do one on my C:. If bad comes to worse I'll just have to backup everything onto the server but really should just do that anyway...

...damn this this is going slow...

From: matthias103
2009-03-20 02:26 pm (UTC)
Scan on the D: finished. 18 million files scanned and there were no bad sectors. So I guess its pretty much the C: that's f'n up. Hopefully the scan scheduled on restart will fix that...
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From: matthias103
2009-03-24 05:47 am (UTC)
HA. So I finally opened up my system and just for the heck of i thought that I'd unplug my D: just to make sure that the C: was the one that was having some bad sector issues. To my surprise when i turned it on it wasn't clicking. Little weird that windows didn't find the errors when I ran though it the first time. Gonna run chkdsk while I sleep. hopefully that'll fix the clicking. Still gonnna have to backup everything on to the server.
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