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I've been reading some of the other stuff they're doing to the Xbox… - For what ever reason [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 22nd, 2013|09:55 am]

I've been reading some of the other stuff they're doing to the Xbox which makes me less inclined to make the purchase. 1) Paying Microsoft for playing a USED game. That's just frustrating and ridiculous having to purchase a used game TWICE. I buy a lot of used games, don't get me wrong I buy new games of titles and franchises that I like. The fact that Microsoft wants to basically piggy back on used game sales is both dishearting and infurating. Microsoft its not like you're already making us pay for Gold membership in order to play online and stream services to your product that we're already paying for but you have to jump on a service that the gaming productions companys are already trying to get rid of?

2) Must be always connected. That's fine and dandy considering that I'm already always connected but what happens when my ISP has a hickup and I'm with out service for about 3-4 hours? They're not going to let me play my games offline that I've purchased not once but twice while being offline? I'm guessing the "must always be connected" is part of the whole "cloud powered" but not everything needs to be on the cloud.

3) It seems like they're really pushing their console as a "social / media center" instead of a "gaming console". I'm weary thinking that they may cater to more of the casual gamers instead of the hardcore gamer. Having more of the same party game titles. Not sure if this is true or not but I feel as though the gimic of the kinect is narrowly scoped to those that are casual gamers. There have been attempts to bridge the addon as a more "hardcore gamer" utility but I have seen little use for it or need to use it.

I'm hyped but I'm also cynical if this generation for the xBox is going to work for me. Pam and I have dicussions on which we went to purchase first, the PS4 or the "Xbox 720", but after reading some of these issues PS4 is looking to be the sole winner. E3 is going to be the one chance that Xbox One has to really win me back. Even then, with the added cost of playing used games and having to have gold membership to both stream media and play online, it going to be an uphill battle. As it stands right now, E3 is going to have to be a blow out show for the Xbox for me to consider buying their next gen.